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Politically Active and Involved

Gail Lightfoot has been a member  and activist in the Libertarian Party since 1972. 

The Cover photo above is the Lawsuit team that overturned Prop 198, the Blanket Primary that severely undermined political parties. 

This photo of Gail was taken in 1988, Lightfoot's first partisan campaign.

United By A Common Goal

Lightfoot's testimony and vote totals were instrumental in overturning Prop 198, the Blanket Primary, which severely undermined political parties. 

Lightfoot spoke and wrote against Prop 14 [2010] bringing in "voter nominated' with a 'top Two" runoff in November that ensures one of the two candidates with the most money are all voter can actually elect.

The photo shows Gail presenting the Libertarian Party flag to the Delegates at the National convention.

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Repeal Top Two in 2018.

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Photo: Lightfoot with past Libertarian party of California State Chairs including [directly behind her]  David Bergland, Libertarian party Presidential candidate.