County Central Committes

The Executive Committee of the Libertarian party of California unanimously Endorsed Gail Lightfoot for Secretary of State, 2018  on March 10, 2018.

The Libertarian Party of Kings County officially endorses Gail Lightfoot for California Secretary of State stating:  

Lightfoot has been a member of the Libertarian Party since 1972, being a Charter Member. She has been dedicated to Libertarian activism since that date, having run numerous political campaigns as a partisan Libertarian.

Lightfoot is focusing her campaign on the repeal of California’s Top Two Primary system.  

Top Two was approved by the voters of California in 2010 with the passage of Proposition 14.  

However, this proposition has hurt California’s election system and has hurt California’s third parties.  

It has resulted in extreme difficulties for third party and independent candidates getting onto not only the general election ballot, but the primary ballot as well.  

It has also resulted in a number of races, including statewide races, where only two Democrats make it to the general election ballot. 

This hurts the democratic process and results in fewer and worse choices for California in their elections.  

People from both major parties, as well as from third parties, support the repeal of this bad law.

By: Kenneth Olson King County LP Chair