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Lightfoot says:


"I have a vision of the proper role of government. My vision (and that of other Libertarians) is expressed in the American Declaration of Independence. A partisan campaign is the best - perhaps the only - place to discuss such ideas. As your Secretary of State, I could work towards a return to partisan and independent candidates and campaigns to illuminate those ideas before the voters each election."

    "It would give me great pleasure to serve as California's Secretary of State working hard to reacquaint voters with the common values and principles embraced by political party members and the need for a multi party ballot at all levels along with room for independent/non partisan candidates."

Role of Secretary of State

Check back here to see more about what the Secretary of State can do to increase your individual freedom.

Coming Events

Libertarian party of California Convention of delegates will be held in Long Beach on April 27-29, 2018.

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Media coverage

The Sacramento Bee will have information on all the candidates. I have responded to their questionnaire.