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My heritage

is your Ancestry native American?

 No. My family can be traced back to the Rev Richard Lighfoot in  Northamptonshire, England.

There are native americans with the name Lightfoot, just not my father and grandfathers.

Why did you leave the Republican party?

I supported conservative Barry Goldwater and was disillusioned when the Party failed to supprt his campaign.

Why are you a Libertarian?

Like most individuals I live a Libertarian life. 

I take being responsible for myself seriously. 

It's kindergarten ethics at work.

The Libertarian party Principles echo my own values exactly with the Pledge. called the NAP for 'non-aggression principle.

To publicly affirm our belief and ensure that our party never stays from our principles, we members to proudly sign this statement:"

"i certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals."

Why the Libertarian Party?

To fight back against ever more government interference in our lives and economy.

The Libertarian Party was formed in late 1972 as a reaction  to Richard Nixon's violation of a promise not to bring in wage and prices controls.

A small group of individuals met and decided a political party dedicated to the 

limited government the Founders envisioned was needed.

Why are you in politics?

I call myself a political animal. I began discussing politics with my mother in high school and have not lost that interest.

Government at all levels impact our lives on a daily basis. I want that impact to be beneficial rather than harmful.

I see too much 'other control' by government as harmful since being controlled by an endless number of laws takes away our personal responsibility and demeans us as individuals fully able to be responsible for ourselves.

I want government limited to the role of protector of each individual's right to life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.

We can agree that assault and theft are wrong and government might be the solution but we don't need all the laws we have on the books today that pertain to assault or theft [fraud].